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  1. “I’ve been using everything on the Internet for a few years now, but I didn’t really think much about professional tools until I had to start using them. The course “The basics of digital marketing in 4 Days” goes into great detail without being too cumbersome either. I feel ready and strong. Satisfied.”

  2. “I was quickly reassured by all the technical and internet jargon. The e-learning rhythm allowed me to assimilate the proposed elements with serenity. Learning and taking action are all part of the experience. Very topical modules.”

  3. “With the covid we had to find digital communication strategies. The training met my expectations. The smartphone application is very practical. The modules are very well explained on ecommerce and the approaches to adopt thanks to the complete tutorials and a very quick implementation. I recommend it.”

  4. “Moving from the real to the virtual seemed difficult for me as a trainer, but after the training “The basics of digital marketing in 4 Days” I was able to understand the codes and apply them to my world, to my image. Mr. Garcin was able to accompany me by email, phone, and video for several weeks afterwards.
    Focusing on this new approach to my job and especially in the way I present myself to this online world.
    I really liked the fact that there were turnkey modules of sales pitches, webinars, sales tunnels, and all these terms that I saw scrolling on the internet without knowing what it was all about.”

  5. “I’m 50 years old, I wasn’t born with the Internet, but I’ve understood the professional impact it offers, especially since the COVID crisis19 .
    The 4-day training is very complete, pedagogical, and the possibility of doing it in e-learning was a huge plus for me. I was able to have my OPCO take care of it entirely. In 4 days I learned strategies on social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and also Youtube), and especially on the automation processes that save me a lot of time. As a merchant, it is essential for me to take my business out of my office and find ways to boost my attractiveness.”

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