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Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, trader, trainer, coach, therapist, web project manager, webmaster, employee, etc., you will find the training that suits you.

Master Digital Marketing in 7 Days

The most complete training available on the market to master digital marketing. It can be done at your own pace and can be paid for in part or in full.

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The basics of digital marketing in 4 days

The training to make you aware of the challenges of digital marketing. It can be done at your own pace and can be paid for in part or in full.

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How to be funded

Your training courses can be partially or fully funded by the 11 existing Competence Operators (OPCO) : AGEFICE, FIFPL, Afdas, Fafih, Opcalia, Unififaf, etc.

Our story

Jean-Yves Garcin, founder of the Académie de la Transition Numérique tells us more about your company’s services. 

Our training courses support our clients in the face of the digital divide, improve your professional knowledge and skills: web strategies, ethics and humanity, visibility, automation.

The creator

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Customer reviews

Nabil, Freelance
"I've been using everything on the Internet for a few years now, but I didn't really think much about professional tools until I had to start using them. The course "The basics of digital marketing in 4 Days" goes into great detail without being too cumbersome either. I feel ready and strong. Satisfied."
Sandrine, Coach
"I was quickly reassured by all the technical and internet jargon. The e-learning rhythm allowed me to assimilate the proposed elements with serenity. Learning and taking action are all part of the experience. Very topical modules."
Thomas, Restaurant owner
"With the covid we had to find digital communication strategies. The training met my expectations. The smartphone application is very practical. The modules are very well explained on ecommerce and the approaches to adopt thanks to the complete tutorials and a very quick implementation. I recommend it."