Our story

Digital is in our daily lives, both personally and professionally, and some companies have not fully grasped the full extent of this revolution.

To master the new tools and to use them as levers of development, this is what the Digital Transition Academy proposes:

  • Support the learning and application of digital tools in the development of new strategies.
  • Turnkey training, tailor-made and with immediate action, to get to grips with the new tools and use them as development levers.

Our training courses support our clients in the face of the digital divide, improve your professional knowledge and skills: web strategies, ethics and humanity, visibility, automation.

The founder

Jean-Yves Garcin, founder of the Académie de la Transition Numérique tells us more about your company’s services:

💡 Can you introduce yourself, and introduce the Digital Transition Academy in a few words?

I am Jean-Yves, I train and coach my clients to digitize their business, and raise up their digital marketing awareness with a strong will to develop their ethical and human aspect.

I can accompany my clients in French and English (I having been teaching English-French in France and abroad for 10 years).

My digital world awareness started 25 years ago, and when I was still a hypnotherapist-coach in an office, my desire to go digital sparkled, that’s why I’ve created digital methods and trainings (www.jeanyvesgarcin.com).

The Digital Transition Academy is designed to help entrepreneurs, company managers and employees develop their professional skills related to digital communication, via e-Learning and Coaching.

We seek all possible solutions to ensure that our clients have their training partially or fully funded, so that they can carry out their personal and professional transformation with even more enthusiasm.

The trainings are intended to be pedagogical and practical, and seek immediate actions.

💡 How to define the role of digital in today’s professional environment?

Digital allows us to capture markets worldwide, beyond our own language. Therefore it is important to communicate in a very targeted way, so that your ideal customer feels seduced by your communication from the first sentences, or first seconds of your video.

For this purpose, social networks, emailing and the website become essential in the marketing strategies adopted.
The more value you bring to your customers, the higher their satisfaction, loyalty and attraction will be.

💡 Is digitalization a major issue for the coming years?

More than ever.

Businesses that work in a physical/real world situation (office, shopkeeper, restaurant owner, etc.), must adapt to the new consumption and information-seeking habits.

They are moving more and more towards the digital world, and it is necessary to be creative and propose new experiences to consumers.

Mobile marketing democratized by smartphones is also central because the next generations of customers are very much focused on the consumption digitization (Uber, Airbnb, Car pooling, etc.).

💡 How would you recommend the Digital Transition Academy?

We want to remain simple, human but concrete and into action.

We offer turnkey training to create your online identity or redefine it to boost your growth levers.

Contact us, the audit is offered, and it will allow you to find ideas, to stimulate you, and to re-inflate yourself to take action and start your transformation process.

Because it is a personal and professional transformation that you will then make, once you enter our training courses.

✉️ Contact us, we will be happy to help you.