A wide variety of funding is available

As a self-employed person, you have a wide variety of financing available to pay for your professional training. Whatever your status: employee, job seeker or self-employed, you contribute throughout your career to your professional training. By contributing, you open the right to a variety of professional training financing, in accordance with your status.


The Fonds d’Assurance à la Formation (FAF) relative to your sector of activity (see the CFP certificate on your personal space on the URSSAF website) guarantees self-employed workers an envelope renewed each year to finance professional training. To know which FAF you are attached to, consult the CFP certificate available on your personal space of the URSSAF website.


If you are an auto-entrepreneur and have declared a turnover during the last fiscal year, you are in principle attached to the FIF-PL, and you have sufficient funds to finance a training course
proposed by the Académié de la Transition Numérique. The request to the FIF-PL must be sent no later than 10 calendar days following the first day of the training.


If you are an employee, you should know that your employer may have a training budget to finance the acquisition or development of professional skills. Get in touch with him/her to know the amount of the budget to be mobilized.

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